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TF Truckload & Logistics's safety philosophy is simple: "It is everyone's responsibility to go home to their family, whole and healthy, at the end of every work day." This philosophy has created a safety culture which allows TF Truckload & Logistics to be a "leader in safety" within our industry.

TF Truckload & Logistics's Safety Culture starts at the top of our organization. Our senior management takes part in pre-job safety meetings in the field, during safety stand down week, ensuring the entire team knows that their safety is "first." All safety initiatives are supported from the highest level in the organization.

In addition to routine in-house equipment audits and those initiated by government inspectors, TF Truckload & Logistics engages the services of an independent third-party auditor every year. These specialists examine everything from the condition of our shops to the safety of our equipment to the driving records of individual drivers. Nothing is left to chance.

All TF Truckload & Logistics operators have valid training certificates in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods, H2S Alive and First Aid/CPR. In order to satisfy IRP 16, all TF Truckload & Logistics's staff will take the Petroleum Safety Training Course offered by ENFORM.

TF Truckload & Logistics has a DOT drug and alcohol safety program for all employees. All trucks are equipped with mobile data terminals which provide enhanced communication and performance monitoring. We have a Certificate of Recognition (COR) and are partnered with the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA). As a member of the Partners In Injury Reduction (PIR) program, we enjoy below industry average Workers Compensation claims rate.

TF Truckload & Logistics is extremely proud of all of our worker's professional commitment of excellence both to our customers and the work place environment.


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