TF Truckload & Logistics Services

Warehouse / Preservation / Direct to Site

TF Truckload & Logistics can propose warehousing and cross dock solutions whereby local vendors and transportation companies are able to contact our TFTL Consolidation Center (via phone, web portal, e-mail) and arrange for direct pick up or delivery to the consolidation location for project storage or furtherance to site. Warehousing/crossdocking, preservation, and direct to site solutions are comprised of:

  • Customized warehouse solutions to fit our client’s needs. With multiple warehouses and marshalling facilities that can be tailored to your needs.
    • Indoor storage in excess of 150,00 square feet
    • 15 acres of outdoor marshalling area
    • Web based inventory management system
  • Consolidation Services
    • Local P&D
    • North American LTL
    • Inspection of goods for visible freight damage
    • Check for proper packaging and identification
    • Weight and piece count verification
    • Proper Site location identification
    • Validate Hazardous materials documentation/compliance
  • Preservation
    • Customized care and preservation programs available
  • Marshalling and direct to site via scheduled shuttle run

TFTL has been successfully performing similar work for multiple clients in a cross dock and warehouse/ marshalling capacity for approximately 10 years with a strong emphasis toward service excellence

Hand Held Bar code technology has been implemented within TFTL as well as other divisions to provide complete and up to date transactional control and reporting capabilities.

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